Wir sind COWOKI

Wir sind COWOKI

Wir sind COWOKI


Peggy Wahrlich

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Melanie von Gersdorff


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Peggy Wahrlich

Wie kam es zur COWOKI-Idee?

Als selbstständige Requisiteurin und Mutter von zwei Töchtern habe ich in den vergangenen 13 Jahren immer wieder gespürt, wie schwer die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf ist. Und damit wollte ich mich nicht abfinden.

Heute gibt es eine Vielzahl von Coworking Spaces in Köln. In Leipzig und Berlin hingegen gibt es bereits seit Jahren familienfreundliche Coworking Spaces, die mit ihrer integrierten Kinderbetreuung speziell auf Familien mit kleinen Kindern eingestellt sind. In der Millionenstadt Köln habe ich immer vergeblich nach so einem Angebot gesucht. Auch wenn für mich heute der Bedarf an Kinderbetreuung verjährt ist, liegt mir dieses Thema sehr am Herzen und so kam mir die Idee zu COWOKI.

Um COWOKI realisieren zu können, habe ich mich vor zwei Jahren von meinem Beruf als Requisiteurin verabschiedet und mich in Köln vernetzt, mich auf die Suche nach passenden Räumlichkeiten gemacht, einen Businessplan geschrieben und die geeigneten Mitstreiter für die Umsetzung gefunden.

Auch wenn meine Töchter heute schon groß sind und wir diese Form der Betreuung selbst nicht mehr brauchen, ist es mir wichtig, dass die beiden eine Möglichkeit kennenlernen, Familie und Beruf in Unabhängigkeit und Vereinbarkeit zu leben. Und allein diese Aussicht macht mich glücklich.

Nach nunmehr zwei Jahren steht mit Räumen in den Neubauten rund um den alten Turm der Christuskirche gegenüber des Stadtgartens ein ganz besonderer Ort zur Verfügung. Die Räumlichkeiten bieten mit ihrer zentralen Lage und dem Grundriss das an, was ich gesucht habe. Damit Familie und Beruf sich in Zukunft auch in Köln optimal vereinbaren lassen.

Kommt vorbei und schaut selbst!
Eure Peggy

Melanie von GersdorffWhy I love COWOKI

COWOKI Coworking plus…. Where life isn’t just about work and where work doesn’t mean dropping everything else that makes life richer. At Cowoki Coworking the “plus” means catering to the WHOLE person.

Yes, we have to work.
Yes, we have our families and possibly children.
Yes, life is unexpected and changes from week to week.
Yes, we want to be active, eat well and stay healthy.
Yes, we prefer a pleasant, cozy and comfortable atmosphere.
Yes, we often need quiet places to go and concentrate. Yes, we want to exchange ideas with like-minded people….not just ideas about work but about politics, culture and lifestyles.
Yes, we want to be supported when we’re down and celebrated when we are up!
Yes, we like to let our hair down and just be ourselves.
Yes, you can have it all!

Walking into Cowoki, you are immediately transformed into a calm and pleasant atmosphere by the fresh flowers, the soothing color scheme and the loving attention that has been put into all the wonderful details. Your cappuccinos are served with a choice between organic soy, oat or regular milk. Fresh banana bread is waiting to be enjoyed. Twice a week, organic, regional vegetarian lunches are served where you come together with a mix of down to earth, interesting and very real people….no facades here! When you aren’t concentrating on your work in a quiet atmosphere in an incredibly comfortable ergonomic chair, you can step outside and in a few steps be in one of the oldest city parks around with huge trees, plenty of grass and benches to just take some time out and breath.

Family is not forgotten here. If you are a parent of young children, your child can be taken care of in an equally beautiful atmosphere by two loving, warm and down to earth childminders in the same building!! That means more time for your children, easy integration of family and work life and the practicality of being there in two minutes if your child needs you. Parents can share their Coworking -Passes and use them whenever it works for them.

The diversity of how and when we all work is also not forgotten. The Coworking Passes are so flexible that they range from 20 hours a month to an unlimited amount of hours. Because life is unpredictable, the hours can be distributed exactly how you need them—-whether that be two hours in the morning on one day or six hours in the afternoon the next. The passes can also be purchased from month to month because sometimes you just can’t plan for a year in advance.

Outfitted with a coaching room, two meeting rooms and a large conference room in addition to the desks in an open space for coworkers, Cowoki sees a diverse range of people using the space. Coaches pop in and out to use a cozy and warm coaching room that can be rented by the hour simply and flexibly—online. Local businesses rent the meeting rooms outfitted with whiteboards, TV Screens and flipcharts for the day or by the hour. A conference room for up to 8 employees is available for month to month rental bringing in a wide range of characters, talents and perspectives.

Coworkers have access to all the creature comforts that one has in a high level office—with high speed internet, printers and rooms for coaching sessions or business meetings steps away from where they work in an open space. It’s pure convenience. No more running out for printer ink at home at the most inconvenient time!

Cowoki lets their coworkers shine and encourages them to hold events and talks that interest them…..whether that be a book discussion, a wine tasting or a networking event. Events are open and wide ranging…catering to the intellect and the soul…. but also not forgetting the practical.

Simply put, Cowoki has mastered the art of work life in that it didn’t forget the word “life.” 

Hope to see you here soon! Melanie….I’m originally from America but found my home in Germany.